Layout guide is to a large extent standardized on ZAYN Wikia. Sections and their headings should largely be consistent across broadly similar categories of articles. In addition, all articles should have lead sections that summarize the subject of an article, unless otherwise stated, and the applicable infobox template if one exists.

  • NOTE: This wiki is not a gallery, and should not be treated like one. Articles should not be cluttered with photos (even if they're in a slideshow). Pictures should be used sparingly and only when relevant to the information.

In general, these sections should appear in this order if they are needed in an article:

  • Background is always used for the background history of the article's subject. It must be the first heading.
  • Trivia sections are permitted; they must always use this title to make this clear.
The word "the" should never be used to start a heading e.g. "Discography" instead of "The Discography" unless it is the beginning of a title e.g. "The X Factor".

Zayn Malik

Uses {{People}} template

  • Early Life
    Information that is know from before they were on The X Factor.
  • Music career
    Summary of solo events during The X Factor (auditions, etc). Anything music related that has to with that members experience.
  • Personal Life
    • Relationships
  • Quotes
    Memorable quotes.
  • Trivia
    Unknown or fun facts.


Uses {{Album}}

  • Background
    History of the album
  • Promotion
    Events, appearances made in preparation for the release
    • Tours
      Tours associated with the album
    • Singles
      Songs released as singles and their performance on the charts
  • Release
    Worldwide release dates for the album
    • Editions
      Descriptions of the various editions available
  • Track listing
    List of the songs on the album


Uses {{Single}} or {{Songs}}

  • Background
    History of the song e.g. who wrote it, when or where it was recorded, why was it chosen.
  • Composition
  • Lyrics
    Songs lyrics should use {{Lyrics}} template, and <br> for a single line break in verses.
  • Music video
    Background information of the music video.
    • Release
      Information about when or how the video was released.
    • Synopsis
      Summary of the videos storyline.
    • Trivia
      Unknown or fun facts about the video.
  • Chart performance
    Description of how the song performed on music charts, such as debut position, peak position.
  • Live performances
    List of when and where the song was performed in front of a live audience.
  • Track listing
    CDs/Singles the song was released in


  • Background
  • Setlist
  • Tour dates
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