Yaser Malik (born September 10, 1969) is the father of the former member of One DirectionZayn Malik.


Malik is widely known as the father of pop singer and former boy band superstar Zayn Malik, who has, since 2016, released a solo album establishing his solo career and being away from the pop band. His son first found fame competing on The X Factor (UK) in 2010.

Personal life

In addition to his son Zayn, he has three daughters: DoniyaWaliyha, and Safaa Malik. He has been married to wife Trisha Malik, who then converted to Islam, upon their marriage.


  • Malik is a British-Pakistani.
  • He lived in Bradford, West Yorkshire. 
  • He and his family, are Muslim.
  • He has accrued over 65,000 followers to his Instagram account, which frequently features his son. 
  • According to Waliyha, Yaser doesn't come out more often unlike Trisha. He doesn't like the media and prefers to stay out of the spotlight. 
  • Zayn's song from his debut solo album, Mind of Mine, which is called "Flower", is inspired from Yaser. Zayn credits his father with introducing him to music like Prince, Bob Marley, and the Notorious B.I.G. “When I was little, I think it was a bit of a mission of his to turn me on to ’90s hip-hop,” Zayn writes. “It got into my blood really young.” 


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