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I Got Mine is an unreleased song recorded by Zayn Malik.


The song is an upbeat jam with freshly recorded trumpets and a beat that’s almost U.K. garage. The lyrics were inspired by a Guitar Center employee who struck up a conversation with Zayn about his Prince T-shirt, then revealed that he’d loaned his MIDI keyboard to Madonna’s touring band.

“There’s so many people in L.A. that have a story to tell, but they never got to tell the story,” Zayn remembers thinking. “Every line in the pre [-chorus] of that song is a different person’s perspective. At that point, that could be like a teacher writing on the chalkboard, writing a story, but they can change it.[2]


Talk is cheap but we still talk it
Road is far but we still walk it
Writing chalks or change the story
Keep it moving when it’s boring
Thoughts come out just like they’re pouring


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