Edward Christopher Sheeran is a Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer. He was born February 17, 1991 in Framlingham, Suffolk.

Sheeran rose to fame with hits like "The A Team", "Give Me Love" and "Don't". In 2016, he won the Song Of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy Awards for "Thinking Out Loud".

He is a close friend of One Direction and has written several songs for them.

Relationship with One Direction

Before having commercial success, Ed would often stay at friends homes and sleep on the sofa. One of those friends was a guitarist working for One Direction. Ed stated that he would often wake up to find Harry Styles sleeping on the other sofa. Harry and Ed have numerous friendship tattoos, the most famous being Harry's "pingu" tattoo. Ed appears closest to Harry and Niall but is a known friend to the entire band.

Ed wrote several songs for One Direction's first, second and fourth albums. Simon Cowell requested Ed personally for the fourth album, for which Sheeran wrote the track "18".

Sheeran stated in 2015 that he no longer felt he needed to write songs with One Direction anymore as they had gotten "too good" at songwriting for themselves.

It was alleged that Ed's song "Don't" was about then girlfriend Ellie Goulding's possible cheating on Sheeran with Niall, but this rumour was denied by both Sheeran and Goulding.


One Direction

"Up All Night"

"Take Me Home"


  • "18" — lyricist

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