Dragonfly is an unreleased song recorded by Zayn Malik that failed to make the cut for the album, Mind of Mine.[2]

Lyrically, the the concept of the song was of having to get everything done right now, in the moment, because there’s no time to waste.


This was a song that didn’t make it on to Mind of Mine, but it was close. The track was loud, with a rocky sort of vibe.

According to Zayn, the only reason it didn’t make the album was that it didn’t fit with the rest of the tracks on there. Zayn states that he might release it at some point in the future or might even give it to someone else for them to record.

The idea for the song came when he was staying in the Beverly Hills Hotel and noticed some dragonflies. As Zayn said, he just "sat there, just watching them buzzing about the place – they were there for ages – and it got me thinking.


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