Doniya Elisha Malik (born April 19, 1992) [Age 29] is the eldest daughter of the Malik family and is the sister of Zayn Malik.

Early Life

Born in Bradford, with father Yaser Malik, and mother Tricia, Doniya is the eldest out of her 4 siblings (3 sisters including her and Zayn). Just like the rest of her siblings, she attended Tong High School. She has graduated from the University of Bradford.


She started taking interest in beauty and fashion. She has her own website about beauty blogs. Doniya is hoping to find success with her beauty blog. "I've always been into makeup, from a young age I've been creative and artistic and I'm a YouTube junkie so I get all my tips and tricks from there," she said. She currently shares a blog with her sister Waliyha, called "Daliyha Beauty."

She recently opened up a beauty parlor with her mum and her sister, Waliyha. It's called "Waliyha Beauty."


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